radiant Heating for Basements


Not every basement remodel will need a heating system installed, smaller rooms will do just fine with portable electric heaters if the walls and foundation have properly insulated.  But…we live in Alberta and winters here can get brutally cold.   There are several ways that you can keep your new basement warm, woodstoves are still popular and let’s face it, it is nice sitting around a fire and should your electricity every go out your home can still be warm. one method is to install a boiler and have hot water heated floors using a in floor heat boiler

Not every home can install a wood burning stove or fireplace and in that case there are natural gas alternatives.  Free standing natural gas fireplaces can keep your basement warm and comfortable in the winter.  They are often made to look like woodstoves so you can create that same atmosphere in your home.  However wood and natural gas are not the only options and basement heating systems are a crucial part of finishing any basement.  Let’s have a look at some options for you.

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Electric Baseboards

How much electric baseboard heaters will you need to install?  There is a general rule of thumb that we use in determining how much power you will need to heat the basement, 10 watts per square foot of finished space.  If the size of the room is 300 square feet then you need 3000 watts of power.  Your electrical baseboard heater can give you up to 250 watts of heat, it will vary with each manufacturer but not by much.  In this same room you’re going to need 12 feet of baseboard heaters to keep the room warm.  You can split that into 2 6 foot sections or even smaller depending on how the room is laid out.

Extending Your Current System

When you start to renovate your basement it may be possible to extend your current system.  Most home furnaces and heating systems will have the capacity to heat the extra space.  If you have a properly insulated home with a smaller heat load your current heat system will be adequate.

You can add supply and return ducts to your basement rooms allowing you to keep the basement warm in the winter months.  At the same time this will allow for AC to cool off the basement during the summer months.  The system will circulate the cool basement air throughout the house in the summer and that will also help keep dampness and moisture out of the air.

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