Basement Insulation

Did you know that your basement is one of the biggest sources of heat loss in your home, you could be wasting upwards of 20% of your home heating dollars trying to keep your basement warm.  If you want to take advantage of the extra space the basement can offer you, you need to start with insulation.  Finishing your basement first makes it that much harder and more expensive to try and insulate later.  With insulation, once your basement is heated to a comfortable temperature there is far less potential for heat loss.

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The basement is different from other parts of your home and most building experts will tell you that you’re going to need a specific type of insulation for the basement.  You want something that is good at resisting heat flow and that won’t be affected by water or moisture.  You also want an insulation that doesn’t feed vermin or mold.  You can use different types of spray foam or rigid foam insulation that will work fine.  Basement insulation generally has higher R-values than other materials.

Understanding R-Values

The R-value that you see on insulation labels indicates the insulation’s ability to resist the flow of heat under normal conditions.  The pink fiberglass batt that you are probably familiar with has an R-value roughly 3.2 per inch.  Foam insulation can have R-values above 6 per inch.  The higher the R-value is the more effective that your insulation will be.

Controlling Moisture

Putting in insulation will not only make your basement warmer in the winter it will also go a long way in making the rest of your house comfortable.  Not only that when your basement is properly insulated you can reduce the levels of RH (relative humidity) in your home.  Having high humidity can cause moisture and condensation on the cooler surfaces and that includes walls, ceiling tiles, floors, pipes and closets.  Moisture is not your friend, it can lead to rotting wood, mold and fungus and bring in insects.  Not only that, it is dangerous to your health.

Insulating with Basement Reno Experts

We think of everything when it comes to insulating and finishing your basement.  We use the best products that will keep your basement warm in winter and keep the dampness out.  Our team can install insulation for your basement walls, floors and windows.  This all works together to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the basement, allowing you to finally take advantage of this space.

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