If You Need Garage Door Repairs How Do You Find a Good Company


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A good garage door repair company is a specialist entity which has the infrastructure of latest equipment and tools, technology, and trained technicians for executing the safe and durable works. You can find them through local search engines, social media, friends’ references or the local online directory.

Licensing and liability insurance coverage are the primary criteria you should consider while choosing their services. Every state has its own unique requirements for issuing the license to the repair companies. Conformance to the ASTM, ANSI, and the OSHA regulations is one of the generic parameters.  It also ensures conformance to the minimum training standards for the company’s technicians for the personal safety of the residents and the property protection. Liability insurance covers the costs of the property damages caused by the company technicians during the repair works.

Company Website

Visit the company website and read through the pages related to their services. They explain about the team’s technical expertise in handling the specific types of repairs related to your garage door. Experience is one of the main criteria which qualify the company’s reliability factors. Read the company’s profile and note their years of experience. If the company specializes in your garage door type, you can consider it as an added advantage. The clientele list on the company website tells you about its popularity and the trust customer factors.

The residential repair companies post the client testimonials about their service quality and durability. Commercial repair companies display a list of client logo and organization names.

Social Media

You can also read similar posts on the social media, which are independent and impartial. Chatting with the company’s clients will give you the correct information about its technical expertise. The reviews on the company can be categorized into technical and user perspectives.

The technical reviews describe the company’s technology, tools, and the repair methods. They tell you about the corrective and preventive measures adopted by the company to ensure the safety and durability factors. User perspective reviews tell you about the ease of functionality, safety, and the enhanced lifespan of the door after the repair.

Friends’ Reference

Friends’ reference about the local garage door repair company can help you find the most reliable service providers. You can personally visit their garage and check the quality and safety features. You can also speak to their family members and learn about the safety of using the repaired doors. It helps in building the confidence levels about the company.

Consultation Session

You can have a consultation session with the company‘s technical team to know about their experience and expertise. You may need to ask some questions related to the repair procedures and tools.

Ask them how they diagnose the symptoms and detect the defects. Many of the technicians use visual inspection and functional testing to understand the defect symptoms. Experience makes them detect the root causes quickly and determine the solutions.

There could be some cases when the defect roots causes are not easy to determine using the two methods. In such cases they should be able use the ultrasound testing equipment to gauge the errors accurately. The technicians should have the experience in handling carriage assembly, power unit, remote control, and the mechanical and electrical parts of the door.


Ask specific questions related to your garage door type. For example, the sectional garage door repair specialist will have the complete knowledge of the jambs, brackets, cables, cones, spring shafts, and the other parts.

They will be familiar with the most commonly occurring problems due to mechanical defects, electrical defects, electronic defects, etc. They can also tell you about the impact of the climatic conditions and the environmental elements on the working conditions of the garage doors.

Material Quality

Material and accessory quality used for repair and replacement is another critical parameter about which you should talk to them. Now it comes to costing of the part and the labor. The best way of discussing these aspects is to get a quote from them before the consultation. All the materials should conform to the ASTM and ANSI standards. You can check the certification from the evaluators regarding the quality of the materials used by the company.

Quote Preparation

Experienced companies don’t give you the quote based only on your explanation of the symptoms. They send in an inspection team to diagnose the door, analyze the symptoms, detect the defects, and calculate the repair and replacement costs. They can give you the accurate quote (with option for +/- tolerance for the costs). Professional companies give you the detailed quote for every part and service. It becomes easy for you to compare with the other similar quotes and decide on the best.

Look for hidden costs that are not specified in the quote. Some of the companies may keep you guessing about the actual costs until the work completion. The difference between the invoice and the quote costs should not be more than 10%. But it may be too late to do such a comparison after you get the invoice. Hence, it is better practice to read the customer reviews and testimonials.

But finding the accurate testimonials related to costing may not be easy on the social media. Hence, the best option is to chat online with the clients to about their experience. You can get a clear picture of the equation.


The garage door repair company should give you warranty on the replaced parts and the repair works done. They should provide free inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance services during this period.

Read their terms and conditions about the warranty coverage and clear your doubts about all the aspects. Make sure the “not applicable/not covered“sections in the terms are least in numbers and such situations may not actually occur.

Safety Locks

Enquire about the safety locks and protection mechanism installed after the repair. They should prevent the doors from collapsing (roller type) or jamming while in operation. The safety installations should protect the operators (ex: homeowners) from getting injured.