Basement Remodel


Homeowners tend to come to us for two reasons, they would like to insulate their basements or would like a total basement remodel giving them more liveable space in their homes.  More often than not it is the latter, our clients want to add value to their homes while being able to have an at home office or media room to take advantage of.

Why a Total Basement Remodel

When your basement is finished, we take a damp, dark area and completely transform it into something that you can use.  We plan out the entire construction project with you, where everything will go, what types of rooms you will have and go over your options for the space.  Many of our homeowners choose to finish the basement to accommodate growing families and we often get asked if the materials we use are environmentally friendly.

Our crew has been trained to use only proven products and we use green materials whenever and wherever we can.  We can take your design ideas and breathe life into them.  Schedule a free quote to see what we can do for you.

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Built to Last

Often homeowners come to us when the environment in the basement has become intolerable and they can’t even stand to go downstairs anymore even to do laundry.  Basements are damp and that moisture can ruin many of the traditional materials that are used in other home remodeling projects.  In the basement you will need things like mold resistant drywall, along with the same for carpets, wood and flooring.  Moisture can ruin the finish of almost everything.

The cost of having to repair or replace these materials, especially when it is something that should last for year can become enormous.  If you use the traditional materials like drywall, carpet, wood studs and other organic materials directly on concrete it won’t be long before you are renovating your basement all over again.  Organic materials, when exposed to that much moisture can be susceptible to rot, mold, mildew and insects.  When your basement has rot it starts to smell, it’s musty and no one likes hanging out there.  Not only a musty basement spews allergens into the air and that along with mold is very dangerous to the health of you and your family.

Basement Reno Experts will finish your basement with only the best quality inorganic materials and we stand by our work offering a written warranty.  If you want the best basement renovation in all of Calgary then we are the team you call.  We have helped hundreds of homeowners just like you turn their dreams into reality.